Stringent quality standards for screening, processing and storage of umbilical cord blood.

Sample Cryostorage Guarantee for the entire duration of the contract.

Personal Data secured in accordance with current Greek and European legislation (GDPR compliance).

Audited and licensed by Ministry of Health and National Transplant Organization (E.O.M.)

Qualified scientific personnel.

Cord Blood:

A hug for  the rest of your life!

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Key Reasons that make
Umbilical Cord Blood special!

It is unique and 99% compatible with the child

A biological substance that contains valuable cells  we can collect only once in our life and is 99% compatible with the child (donor).

Safe collection of umbilical cord blood

Cord Blood collection is a painless process that may be  performed at the same time the umbilical cord is cut without any risk for the mother or baby.

Stem cells: Young and healthy

Unlike adult  stem cells from other sources, those from umbilical cord blood, do not have an environmental burden, are have not been exposed to diseases and have a high proliferation rate because of their young age. For these reasons, cord blood stem cells have been characterized as "privileged".

Lower risk of complications after transplant in relatives

A study of patients that received a sibling’s umbilical cord blood or bone marrow graft, found that recipients of umbilical cord blood transplants were 59% less likely to develop serious adverse events (GVHD - Graft Versus Host Disease).

Future treatments

Cord blood is used in hundreds of clinical studies and trials for diseases and syndromes such as malignancies of the blood, breast and colon, autism, cerebral palsy, Parkinson's disease, ischemic strokes, spinal cord injuries and more.

Stem Cells

Omnigen SA is one of the most modern and well-equipped biotechnology companies in Europe. After completing all the necessary steps, Omnigen became the 1st Cord Blood Bank in Greece licensed by the Ministry of Health (C2c/31238 Official Gazette B' 2339/15.06.2020).

Omnigen SA is active in the field of stem cells, cell therapies and regenerative medicine since 2006. The company’s vision is to provide people the true benefits of science and pursuing continuous development  by offering complete and specialized services. Stem cells are the primordial, dominant cells in humans and are the source of organs and tissues formation that make up our body. At Omnigen SA we process and cryopreserve hematopoietic stem cells from umbilical cord blood and cord tissue, following the most modern and safe methods and using state-of-the-art equipment.